Finishing up with Henenu and stepping on the gas pedal

The incorporation of four more experts in the last days has allowed us to step on the gas pedal and open new lines of investigation and fieldwork, mainly on the complexes of Ipi, Djari and Dagi. The appearance of our superb colleague Salima Ikram always means cheerfulness, wittiness, and fun in our work. We must appreciate that a professor of her experience, prestige and commitments could dedicate time to her work at the MKTP, although we think that the mummification deposit materials deserve her interest and for sure she is happy to examine them. Besides, the younger students and PhD candidates try to follow her everywhere in the site to learn from her experience as much as possible on questions such as the mummification process, the embalming techniques, and the most ritual-oriented practices associated with the mummification.

In the mortuary complexes of Djari (TT 366) and Dagi (TT 103), the number of activities has increased in the last days, mainly with the arrival of the UAH architects Ernesto and Flavio, our geologist Teresa, and the intensive photographic sessions conducted in these monuments. The tombs of the vizier Dagi and the overseer of the palace Djari have not been comprehensively studied since their discovery by Herbert Winlock, so it is important to document and study their architecture, decoration, and remains to make sure we understand them completely. For the MKTP the incorporation of these two tombs to the project concession is a significant step since they represent a very particular period at the end of the Eleventh Dynasty and not so much the early Twelfth Dynasty model of tomb that we have already attested in some other sectors of the necropolis.

The day of the closing of Henenu´s tomb has arrived! After three weeks of intensive work led by Kelly Accetta, the tomb of the royal treasurer Henenu must be closed until next season. The archaeological work conducted by Kelly has been superb, all the more if we consider that part of her team was not able to participate due to the lack of permissions and the other half had to leave before our work in Henenu´s tomb was complete. We are aware of the difficulties experienced by Kelly in the last days, but she has been able to supervise the archaeological works, organize the examination of materials, and propose hypothesis and ideas on the material and sectors excavated without much trouble. She has demonstrated to be an experience archaeologist, very systematic and well-organized, who has been able to sacrifice herself for the project. The closing of the tomb today has meant the end of the season for Kelly, although we are still very impressed by her capacity, work, and the promising data that she has obtained in these weeks of hard work.

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MKTP - Middle Kingdom Theban Project - Recuperando el pasado

El proyecto

El Middle Kingdom Theban Project tiene como objetivos la excavación, estudio y publicación de varias tumbas de la necrópolis del Reino Medio en Deir el-Bahari (Henenu, Ipi, Neferhotep, E1) y de las tumbas de Dagi (TT 103) y Djari (TT 366) en la necrópolis de Asasif.

MKTP - Middle Kingdom Theban Project - Ministerio Egipcio de Antigüedades

Con la colaboración del Ministerio Egipcio de Antigüedades y las autoridades del Alto Egipto, Luxor y la Orilla Occidental.

Las tumbas

Las tumbas de Henenu (TT 313) e Ipi (TT 315) se encuentran en la colina norte de la necrópolis de Deir el-Bahari, donde fueron enterrados algunos de los oficiales más importantes de Mentuhotep II y principios del Reino Medio. 

La cámara funeraria de Harhotep (CG 28023) fue localizada en el patio de la tumba TT 314 y constituye uno de los ejemplos más interesantes en arquitectura, iconografía y epigrafía del yacimiento. 

En la planicie de Asasif, las tumbas de Dagi (TT 103) y Djari (TT 366) también representan monumentos a la memoria de altos cargos tebanos del reinado de Mentuhotep II que ayudaron a construir un gran estado.

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