Regional government of Castilla-La Mancha – I+D Project SBPLY/19/180501/000267

The construction of the pharaonic state:

documentation, excavation and publication of

two tombs of high officials in the Middle Kingdom (Luxor, Egypt)


As part of the research recently conducted in the archaeological site of Deir el-Bahari (Luxor, Egypt), the team of the University of Alcalá continues to develop an archaeological intervention and particular examination for three-year length in the sector of the tombs built for the vizier Dagi (tomb TT 103) and the royal harem supervisor Djari (tomb TT 366), two high officials of the Egyptian early Middle Kingdom (2000 a. C.), the golden age of pharaonic Egypt. The study of these two high officials in this age of social, intelectual, and political splendour will allow a better knowledge on the construction of the Egyptian state at the time, the configuration of the Egyptian administration, and the factual degree of authority –real and symbolic– of the Egyptian pharaoh. Through the auspices of the “Parque Científico y Tecnológico in Castilla-La Mancha”, the present proposal aims at organizing the archaeological team, providing it with innovative technology, hiring two specialists (postdocs), and including these advanced research and archaeological works within the actual concesion of the UAH in Egypt. These works will be prominent for their internationalization, multidisciplinary nature, and for the incorporation of Castilla-La Mancha region in projects that attract the attention of international institutions and agencies.

As outcome, we expect to publish both tombs as independent monographs in prestigious series in the fields of archaeology, architecture, and restoration of heritage. With such a project, Castilla-La Mancha joins the institutions that protect the archaeological and historical heritage at an international level, and contribute to incorporating numerous agents in the region for the development of research and works in connection with international and multidisciplinar institutions.

Members of the I+D CLM Project

  • Manuel F. Carrillo Rodríguez (University of Alcala)
    Carlos Gracia Zamacona (University of Alcala)

  • Beatriz Noria Serrano (University of Alcala)
    Antonio J. Morales (University of Alcala, PI)