Regional government of Madrid – I+D Project CM/JIN/2019-006

Archaeology, conservation, and science for ancient Thebes:

protection, documentation, and publication of ancient pharaonic paintings


This project aims at conducting two archaeological seasons in the funerary complexes of two members of the pharaonic elite, whose structures display fascinating paintings. These painting are in danger of disappearing, are unpublished, and have great historical and archaeological value. These two campaigns will be conducted between 2020 and 2022. In addition, the project seeks for incorporating the study of findings, drawings, plans, and photographies of travellers, explorers, and archaeologists that once visited these complexes, whose examination could provide significant information for the reconstruction of the original decorative and textual programs.

The fundamental goals of the project, therefore, are to recover, preserve, document, and publish the paintings and texts of these monuments, unique examples from this period of pharaonic history, to understand in a higher degree the architecture, art, and prestige of these constructions in the local religious landscape, and to reveal the role played by these two high officials in the Egyptian capital by 2000 BCE. The use of 3D laser architecture, photographic digitalization, digital epigraphy, heritage conservation and management, the study of human remains in these monuments, and the investigation and publication at international level demonstrate the adequacy, globality, innovation, and suitable methodology that this team of archaeologists, historians, architects, forensic anthropologists, and restorers from the UAH can achieve in the completion of the project.

Members of the I+D CAM-UAH Project

  • Manuel F. Carrillo Rodríguez (University of Alcala;)
    Teresa Bardají Azcárate (University of Alcala)
    Ernesto E. Echeverría Valiente (University of Alcala)
    Flavio Celis D’Amico (University of Alcala)
    Carlos Gracia Zamacona (University of Alcala),

  • Beatriz Noria Serrano (University of Alcala)
    Samuel Montes Ibars (University of Alcala)
    Jónatan Ortíz García (University of Alcala)
    Antonio J. Morales (University of Alcala, PI)