A day of farewells and wishes for reunion

Today has been for most of our team members the final day of the season. With the exception of Raúl, José Alba and Antonio, the rest of the team members will fly tomorrow Sunday in the morning to their destinations where they will be able to organize their notes, files, and materials to continue with their investigations for the Middle Kingdom Theban Project. For this reason, today has been a day of farewells, closing of cleaning sectors, and completion of inventaries, lists, analyses, and works. In fact, one of the first tasks conducted in the day has been the wrapping up and cleaning of the rooms used at the Davies House, where we have been working for the last two weeks, mainly in terms of restoration, inventary, and photography.

It is for this reason that in the tomb of Djari as well as in the monument of Dagi most of our work has been limited to closing the major fronts, register the findings, and organize the photography, drawings, and documentation of the objects of the major sectors in the concession. The shaft located in the transversal corridor of Djari’s tomb, as well as the subsidiary structured in the southern side of its courtyard –that now will also function as storage– have been completed, documented, and closed. None will get access to these two structures until next season in late 2023.

Regarding Dagi’s tomb, not only the large findings such as fragments of stone reliefs, but also the small and fragile fragments of wall paintings have received all our attention, being registered into our inventary for future study and analyses. In the tomb of Ipi, Elsa has completed the last examination of textiles while the selections of materials to be delivered to the Carter Magazine were also culminated. Regarding the conservation team, our restorers have considered the most appropriate ways to cover the revealed painted walls of the last weeks until next season.

All in all, at the end of the day we have proceeded to close the week (even after the free day of Friday) and pay the workers, connecting it with the surprise of a small party for all with chicken shawarma sandwiches, cool sodas, cake, and much music, dancing, and laughs. The closing of the season –though José Alba, Raúl and the moudir Antonio will take care of some final deeds tomorrow Sunday– has not only meant an instant for farewells and melancholy, but has also implied a moment for the sincere appreciation of the efforts and dedication of all workers. In these hot days of May and through the complex economic and social difficulties of the moment, they have once more demonstrated a fantastic humor, great professionalism, and a strong will to transform a scientific initiative into an incredible vital experience.

Beyond the finalization tasks of closing, checking and safety that we will conduct tomorrow Sunday, today has been the last day of work, the day of payment to workers and inspectors and the best moment for hugs, for congratulating ourselves due to the good experience, and for wishing to see each other very soon… In sha’Allah!

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MKTP - Middle Kingdom Theban Project - Recuperando el pasado

El proyecto

El Middle Kingdom Theban Project tiene como objetivos la excavación, estudio y publicación de varias tumbas de la necrópolis del Reino Medio en Deir el-Bahari (Henenu, Ipi, Neferhotep, E1) y de las tumbas de Dagi (TT 103) y Djari (TT 366) en la necrópolis de Asasif.

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Con la colaboración del Ministerio Egipcio de Antigüedades y las autoridades del Alto Egipto, Luxor y la Orilla Occidental.

Las tumbas

Las tumbas de Henenu (TT 313) e Ipi (TT 315) se encuentran en la colina norte de la necrópolis de Deir el-Bahari, donde fueron enterrados algunos de los oficiales más importantes de Mentuhotep II y principios del Reino Medio. 

La cámara funeraria de Harhotep (CG 28023) fue localizada en el patio de la tumba TT 314 y constituye uno de los ejemplos más interesantes en arquitectura, iconografía y epigrafía del yacimiento. 

En la planicie de Asasif, las tumbas de Dagi (TT 103) y Djari (TT 366) también representan monumentos a la memoria de altos cargos tebanos del reinado de Mentuhotep II que ayudaron a construir un gran estado.

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