The activity this week has been very intense. We are in the fourth week of excavation, which is when the work starts to pile up.

David and Iria are still working in the shafts of Henenu’s tomb. Today, they finished cleaning and documenting the one they opened yesterday, located in the funerary chamber. In addition to finding fire evidence, they found fragments of sarcophagus, as well as more common materials like wood, textiles, etc.

The epigraphers joined nine fragments of a stele. It is possible that Henenu’s tomb had a total of four stelae located at specific points. This idea was already put forward by Winlock but thanks to the work of Carlos and Sika, we are close to confirming it.

The excavation in the courtyard of Ipi is also progressing. Mohamed has opened new grids and he is studying very interesting strata. He has taken samples of the sand for further analysis and we hope to gain a better understanding of the occupation of this area of the courtyard.

At the E1, the work continues to focus on clearing the chamber that leads to the corridor. Antar, one of our best workers, is in charge of breaking up the large rocks that fill the room. The surprise was to find the beginning of a descending corridor. This gives us valuable information about the architecture of the tomb.

The restoration team now consists of four members, which makes all the work they have to do much easier. Early in the morning they were working with fragments of stelae at Henenu’s tomb. The curious thing is that they identified traces of glue on some of the pieces, probably Winlock’s attempts to join these fragments that would eventually break as the time passes by. After the breakfast break, they stayed at Ipi’s tomb where they continued with the humidification of the papyrus. Then, together with Fathi, they began piecing together fragments of shabtis from past seasons.

In the afternoon, Sika reviews over two thousand photographs of more than five hundred inscribed fragments from Henenu’s tomb. She is currently in the process of identifying each of the fragments, a task she hopes to complete in a day or two. After that, she will have to try to put as many pieces together as possible. She will probably finish this work when she goes back to Spain as unfortunately, she and Carlos will leave us this Sunday.