Last night, Lily arrived to join the restoration team. However, her luggage stayed in Cairo. Lily had to go back to the Luxor airport in the morning to pick it up. Therefore, she will have to wait until tomorrow to visit the site.

Even with Lily’s abscence, the conservation team finished the restoration of all the carved and painted reliefs from Henenu’s tomb. They also continued to work on the papyrus fragments found in the courtyard of Ipi. They are trialing different methods of re-humidification and flattening.

At Henenu’s tomb, David cleaned one of the shafts of the burial chamber and excavated and documented, together with Iria, the deepest shaft of the tomb, which has almost eight meters of deep! Carlos and Sika finished the matching of several reliefs, identifying several areas from the tomb’s wall and from a monumental door.

At Ipi’s courtyard, Mohamed found a mud pavement with a small pit. Bea excavated, documented and drew it. However, no interesting materials were found in its interior.

At the E1 sector, Jose and Carmen continued with the cleaning of the steps of the chamber that leads to the corridor. Taking into account the sand and the stones, it is probably that the work in this camera will take them the whole week.

When we arrived at the Marsam, Lily was happily expecting us with her luggage. Ella showed her the surroundings and tomorrow she will explore the three sectors of Deir el-Bahari