Today was the last day of work at the site. With the exception of E1, activity at the site has focused on completing the necessary documentation and organising the storage area.

David and Iria spent part of the day taking photographs for the photogrammetry of the courtyard at Henenu. They have also been organising the materials found during this campaign and doing the final cleaning of the tomb.

Once they finished at Henenu’s tomb, they went to Ipi to help Bea organise the large storage area there. The amount of finds that have been obtained from the courtyard and the subsidiary chamber mean that storage work requires the help of more than one person. Together they were able to organise all the materials in a very short time.

E1 was the last tomb to complete the archaeological work. The excavation has focused on continuing to extract the sand and rocks from the descending corridor. We knew that we would not reach the end during this season, but we have already advanced a lot so that we can continue next year.

For their part, the conservation team has finished the inventory of Ipi’s special objects, including the ones found this season. After breakfast Reed and Ella started to place the objects in the boxes they had made for them, organising them inside the storage chest. Although this involves a lot of work, it ensures the objects are stored safely and next year the team will be able to start dealing with the more fragile objects immediately.

At the end of the day, all the objects and tools that we have used throughout the campaign were carefully placed inside the tombs of Ipi and Henenu. For safety reasons, the objects from E1 were moved to the tomb of Ipi, where they will remain until the next season.

It was a strange feeling to leave the site today. Although we will have to return tomorrow to put away the last tools and remove the tents, the feeling is already one of farewell.