Today we were fortunate to have a visit from the cultural counsellor of the Spanish Embassy in Cairo, Cándido Creis Estrada, and his wife, Carla Cavero at the site. We were also visited by José Ramón Pérez-Accino, Mª Carmen Pérez Die and Cristina Pellejero, from the Project C2 of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Antonio showed them the Ipi complex, explaining its areas and the work that we have carried out during the last few years and during this campaign. The councillor showed special interest in the future exhibition of the embalming cachette in the Luxor Museum. The visit ended with chants from some of the workers praising the fraternal relationship between Spain and Egypt. We are very grateful to the advisor, his wife and the colleagues of the C2 Project for their time and hope they enjoyed the visit.

This has not delayed the fieldwork for a second, however, and today we remained at the site until four o’clock in the afternoon. In order to advance at a faster pace in the tomb of Henenu, Iria, Carmen and Nisha have begun to direct the excavation of their own grids in the upper courtyard. David, for his part, is in charge of supervising the excavation and documentation.

At Ipi’s tomb, Mohamed has continued the excavation of the subsidiary chamber pit, where he continues to find large quantities of human and animal bones, as well as textiles and painted wooden fragments.

Lily has finished cleaning the leaf garland, which ws a long process with amazing results. In the meantime, Rawda has been repairing some fractures in the jar found almost at the entrance of the subsidiary chamber. Also from this chamber are several ceramic vessels that Hazem has begun to draw.

The forensic doctors have continued with the analysis of the bones found in other campaigns. In addition, they have re-examined the vizier’s heart, taking some extra notes.

Today epigraphic work has also taken place in the courtyard of Ipi. Raúl has been working with the papyrus fragments, processing those hieratic inscriptions that are visible. Bea has been doing the same with the seal impression, also taking measurements and photographs of the object.

The afternoon has continued to be busy at the Marsam. The campaign is coming to an end soon and it is time to write all the reports. The office is now more crowded and, at the same time, quieter than ever.