Last night three new members arrived to join our team: Raúl, Inma and Daniel. Despite their journey of over five hours, none of them lost any time and were ready to climb the mountain first thing in the morning.

Raúl and Daniel went to E1 together with Carmen and Antonio. At the site they learned about the progress made this season, and some of the challenges facing the work. Daniel, an architect on the team, has been busy checking the structure of the tomb and will work over the next few days to produce detailed plans of the space.

Inma, an industrial design engineer, has set up in the tomb of Ipi to scan all of the jars from the embalming cachette in order to produce 3D models of each one.

Óscar has joined the team at Henenu´s tomb. He is working alongside David to take points using the total station to geo-reference the shafts. Meanwhile, the cleaning of the tomb is continuing, while Iria is registering and inventorying all of the finds being uncovered.

At the tomb of Ipi, the conservation team is continuing to join fragments of Middle Kingdom pottery uncovered during this season. So far, they have been able to identify at least five different jars. They have also been working on the cleaning and consolidation of cartonnage found in previous seasons.

The excavation of the courtyard of Ipi is almost finished, and in the next few days the majority of the workmen will be transferred to Henenu´s tomb to begin working on the courtyard there. Therefore, Bea has spent the day making sure all of the finds are perfectly organized, registered, and inventoried.

At the end of the day, however, what appeared to be a new shaft appeared in the Northwest section of the courtyard. For now there are not many finds being uncovered, but Mohamed is planning to fully excavate it tomorrow, so we will see if anything significant appears!