After the weekend, the return to work has been harder than usual. But there is nothing better than a good tea from Naggar to cheer us up and give us the energy we need to get down to work.

At Henenu’s tomb, David began with the cleaning of the burial chamber, as well as one of the descending corridors and two of the shafts. In this cleaning, large stone fragments were found, which the conservation team has recorded and labelled. Some significant finds were also incovered, which Iria identified and classified.

The epigraphers, Carlos and Sika, finished their classification of the fragments with reliefs and were able to join some more pieces together.

Today we made the decision not to excavate in E1, but instead wait for Raúl who will join us tomorrow to continue the work there. That is why Carmen stayed at the tomb of Ipi for the day, drawing shabtis found in past seasons together with Hazem.

The excavation of the courtyard at Ipi continues apace. Bea continues to record all the materials bring uncovered in the inventory, while Mohamed leads the excavation in the western area.

The conservation team continues with the treatment of the papyrus, and has begun to unfold some sheets with very good results. Jaume and Lily have also been working to join fragments of pottery from the Middle Kingdom that were recently found.

This was the last day at the site for Carlos and Sika, who are leaving in the evening. In just two weeks the epigraphers have made incredible progress, especially in relation to the Henenu sarcophagus. Their work will continue in Alcalá thanks to all the documentation they have produced these days, which will allow us to get to know better our beloved “Overseer of horn, hoof, feather and scale”.