Today was a very happy day at the site, as it was the birthday of our beloved Rais Omar and we celebrated it all together with a delicious chocolate cake. All the workers sang songs to the Rais while we joined in by clapping our hands to celebrate this special day.

Furthermore, Dr. Behaa, Director General of the West Bank office, visited us. Antonio showed him the three tombs we are working on. Dr. Behaa could not have chosen a better day because the atmosphere at the site was exceptional. 

Last night Óscar arrived and today he began working with Bea to order the inventory of Ipi and photograph the ceramics found during this season.  The excavation of the courtyard continues, but Mohamed is also preparing the data for the final documentation, which will include a plan of the different profiles, 3D models, and more.

Reed, Ella and Jaume started to conserve different cartonnage fragment found in past seasons at Ipi’s tomb, while Lily treated some of the ceramics. Of course, the whole conservation team continues to work with the papyrus. The results of the techniques they are using to unfold some of the pieces are excellent and after a few days they hope to be able to make faster progress.

At Henenu’s tomb, David and Iria finished documenting all the shafts and they have begun a superficial cleaning of the entire tomb, from the burial chamber outwards. Jaume and Lily also visited Henenu´s tomb and worked with Carlos and Sika on some carved fragments.

The work on E1 is still focusing on cleaning the chamber connected to the corridor, especially the area where it seems there may be a new descending corridor. Jose and Carmen have documented and photographed the entire area, from which some small finds have appeared, such as a small scarab bead!

The sad part of the day is that it was the last day of work for Jose at the site, as he is leaving for Aswan this afternoon. Luckily, we will see him again very soon, but it will be a pity not to enjoy his daily laughs. We already miss you Jose!