Archaeology works in a curious way. It may be quiet all day long with no interesting finds, but everything can change in the last few minutes of the day. That is what happened today.

Activity at Ipi went smoothly during the day, but by the end of the morning the work overflowed. First, Mohamed found what look like a small object wrapped in textile and tied with string. After Patri photographed it, Ella carefully unwrapped it. The object appears to be a wick use of light, but there is no definitive conclusion and it requires further studies.

A few minutes later, one of our best workers, Abd El-Rahim, found some fragments of papyrus written in hieratic. Mohamed collected them and Antonio completed a first analysis of the text. The restoration team inmediately began considering how to conserve the pieces. Some fragments are folded so we do not know if there is more written text. On Saturday the restoration team will established a methodology for further treatment so that we can have an answer.

At Henenu’s tomb, David and Iria continued excavating and documenting the shaft they opened the day before. Carlos and Sika started to work on some reliefs that may have come from the walls of the tomb.

Meanwhile in the East Sector, Jose and Carmen finished the cleaning of the corridor of the tomb. Despite no significant materials being found, some imitation objects from the XXth century were located such as the head of a shabti and a scarab.

Our “weekends” start Thursday afternoon, so some members took a break and watched a TV show. However, Jose could not join them as he had to give his lecture to the FSE program of the University of Alcalá. Tomorrow, we have organised a different plan for a day off…