In an archaeological campaign, excavating and documenting is not the only important thing. The restoration and conservation of materials is fundamental if we want to preserve our past. This season, the MKTP has a large team of restorers to carry out numerous tasks in all the tombs.

Last night Jaume arrived from the Scuola Superiore Meridionale (Naples), to joined the restoration team. He, Ella and Reed are working on Henenu’s tomb, they are cleaning and restoring limestone fragments, which are painted and inscribed. Thanks to their work, the epigraphers, Carlos and Sika, can study the fragments and analyse more details on them.

After the cleaning and analyses of the exterior shaft, another shaft within the corridor of the tomb was opened and studied by David. Besides, Iria continued her tasks on cataloguing and updating the inventory of the tomb.

At Ipi’s tomb, Bea supervised the excavation of some sectors of the main courtyard. She also classified and identified ceramics together with Bettina.

During the first half of the morning, Mohamed did some progress with the photogrammetry and the documentation of the courtyard of Ipi. After the breakfast, he went to the E1 where he also did the photogrammetry of the tomb, together with Jose.

At the East Sector, things are progressing well. Jose and Carmen have almost finished cleaning the entrance of the tomb and they have started documenting it. We hope that in a few days the corridor of the tomb is completely clean.