The heat and the mosquitos give us no rest in Egypt but the excavation must go on.

Carmen and Iria finished the organization of the bone, ceramics and the organic material boxes and started to classify some objects from previous seasons of the Middle Kingdom Theban Project in order to continue checking the inventory of Henenu’s tomb.

In the tomb of Ipi the excavation of the courtyard is progressing with the removal of a huge rock located in the middle. This rock has required more than eight workers’ efforts to be rolled because of its size and weight. Mohamed and Bea continued locating different points of the courtyard with the total station; they opened a new trench with contained mainly ceramics. Bea drew shabtis from the first and second seasons of the MKTP. At the end of the morning she has registered other new finds from the new and old trenches including alabaster fragments, wooden pieces, textile, charcoal and one fragment of funerary cone

Reed visited the sarcophagus of Ipi together with Bettina and the moudir. Then she continued cleaning cartonnage fragments and mixed an appropriate adhesive to stabilize and consolidate the more fragile pieces. With the help of the restoration inspector, Fathi, several fragments were reassembled into their original shape. At noon, she was introduced to the inscribed stone fragments from Henenu’s tomb which she is excited to work with.

Patri was working today with the stoppers and recording the main advances of the MKTP in the archaeological and egyptological field.

In the afternoon, Carmen has been updating the database for Henenu’s tomb; Bettina and the moudir had a meeting on the ceramics of the tomb of Ipi.