Beatriz Noria SerranoEgyptologyUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Beatriz Noria Serrano studied her BA in History at the University of Sevilla and her MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. Currently, she is working on her PhD at the University of Alcalá, which will concentrate on the role of women during the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period, mainly as attested in stelae and inscriptions from these periods.

Beatriz participated in the archaeological excavation in the “Villa Romana del Casale” (Piazza Armerina, Sicily) in 2014. She obtained her BA in History from the University of Seville in 2017 and one year later, her MA in Egyptology from the University of Liverpool. In 2019, she received a training scholarship at the National Research Center in Madrid under the supervision of Dr. José Manuel Galán. There, she studied the administration of the end of the Seventeenth Dynasty, specifically the officials under queen mother Ahhotep and King Ahmose.

She has received a scholarship from the Government of Spain to work on her PhD at the University of Alcalá under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Morales and since July 2019 she is working on that University. Her main field of study is the administration of Middle Kingdom-Second Intermediate Period as well as gender and family studies; combining Egyptological, archaeological and anthropological approaches.