Inma López HitaEngineer in Industrial Engineering3D digitalization (Spain)


Inma López obtained her BSc in Engineering, Industrial Design and Development in the Technical School of Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. She works as an engineer on industrial design and has especialized on documentation, photography, and high resolution images. Soon the photography got Inma's attention and became her hobby, although later this focus became her main professional focus.

Besides her studies on engineering in industrial design, Inma has also worked with the treatment of files proceeding from graphic, and quality high resolution photography.

She has worked as technician for digital photography and design by computer. In addition, she has contributed to scientific research with beta projects of social design in Medialab Prado. Furthermore, she feels much curiosity and interest on artistic direction and scenography.

Inma joined the MKTP in 2018 as specialist on photography with the purpose of examining the jars found in the mummification deposit and obtaining all the available information. This year she is going to continue with her work on the documentation of these jars and several other findings in the site.