Teresa Bardají AzcárateGeologistUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Teresa Bardají is a geologist and geomorphologist currently teaching at the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain) as full professor. Her main research lines are related to Quaternary environmental evolution in Mediterranean and Atlantic settings, not only in Spain but also in other countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Cape Verde. Within this wide scientific aim, her research has been focused in sea-level changes and palaeoenvironmental evolution during the latter interglacial stages, as well as in the analysis of environmental, geological and archaeological effects of earthquakes. In the last few years she has collaborated with different archaeological teams in Egypt and Morocco, where besides the required geological advice she has been involved in the reconstruction of the ancient landscapes and environmental changes. Part of her professional experience is related to thematic mapping on the geology of quaternary deposits, neotectonics, active faults, geomorphology and active processes.

The areas where she has developed these projects cover different geodynamic settings in Spain, from the more tectonically stable areas of western Spain, to the most active ones in the Betic Cordillera.

Her research carried out in the last 25 years has resulted in more than 30 contributions to SCI journals, about 100 publications in national and international journals and books, and around 90 contributions to national or international congresses. She has been a member in 20 national and 6 international projects funded by public or private organisms, leading 5 of them, and has benefitted from 10 research contracts with private companies and/or public administrations. Besides these economically funded projects, she has been involved in 8 IGCP projects (UNESCO), devoted to sea-level and coastal changes, and to palaeoseismicity and archaeoseismicity.