Sika PedersenEpigrapherUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Sika Pedersen holds a Bachelor and a Master of Arts in Egyptology from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), with a MA semester at the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, University of Liverpool (United Kingdom). Her BA thesis comprised an examination of the administrative New Kingdom dockyard papyrus, BM EA10056, to determine how this papyrus could provide insights into the organisation and physical design of an Eighteenth Dynasty dockyard. For her MA thesis, Sika produced a translation, commentary, and contextualisation of the unpublished writing tablet BM EA29558, which holds an administrative hieratic text belonging to an unknown New Kingdom temple recording the outsourcing of its beer production.

During her MA, Sika taught several Middle Egyptian courses and ancient Egyptian history courses in her capacity as teaching assistant at the University of Copenhagen. She is currently working as a research assistant transcribing several administrative and literary New Kingdom ostraca and writing tablets. In January 2020, Sika is starting a three-year PhD fellowship in Egyptology at the University of Alcalá as part of the Earlier Ancient Egyptian Mortuary Texts Variability (MORTEXVAR) project studying the ancient Egyptian mortuary texts from the Old and Middle Kingdom.

Her main interests are ancient Egyptian administration both on institutional and private levels, and ancient Egyptian textual material, especially hieratic.