Sebastian FalkArchaeologistGerman Archaeological Institute in Cairo (Egypt)


Sebastian Falk is research assistant at the Cairo Department of the German Archaeological Institute (DAIK). He has completed his MA thesis entitled “The excavations of Hermann Junker in Merimde Beni Salama: contextualization and reexamination of the archaeological finds” in 2016. Besides his studies in the field of Neolithic Egypt, Sebastian’s work at the DAI Cairo focuses on promoting scientific exchange with Egyptian scholars and the organization of the DAIK scholarship program. He is also involved in DAI projects in Aswan and the Citadel area in Cairo.

Sebastian has participated in several excavations and survey projects in Egypt since 2012 as archaeologist and photographer. As an student assistant in the project “The Neolithisation of the Nile Delta” at the Excellence Cluster Topoi at Freie Universität Berlin, Sebastian has worked in museum collections in Heidelberg, Vienna, and Stockholm, and recorded objects from Merimde Beni-Salama.

Furthermore, he has been student assistant in the library of the Seminar of Egyptology at FU Berlin.

In 2014, Sebastian collaborated in the publication of “Reflections on Turning Points. Egypt between January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2012” by Fayza Haikal. Since 2015, he is member of the organization team of the “Tell! Young Researchers Lecture Series” at the DAI Cairo. Last season Sebastian was the responsible for the excavation and study of the tomb of Meseh, a subsidiary tomb built in the eastern section of the upper courtyard in Ipi’s funerary complex. Since then, he has become the head of the excavations in the Eastern Sector of the Middle Kingdom necropolis at Deir el-Bahari.