Carmen Díaz CastroEgyptologistUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Carmen Díaz Castro studied a BA in History at the University of Alcalá, obtaining her degree in 2017. During her final BA year, she attended a course dealing with the nature of ancient Egyptian language and hieroglyphic system called “Middle Egyptian I: Introduction to the hieroglyphic writing”, offered by UAH professor Antonio Morales. She has demonstrated her strong interest on the fields of Ancient History and Egyptology; not in vain, she decided to write her degree paper about Alexander the Great and his adaptation to local traditions when becoming a pharaoh in the country of the Two-Lands, a study directed by the UAH professor Fco. Javier Gómez Espelosín.

She finished her Master in Education, with the goal of acquiring the necessary experience and fundamental skills to become a teacher and the concurrent purpose of specializing on Alexander´s period, mainly on the Egyptian side.

During 2020 she attended the UAH Egiptology Programme “Formación Superios en Egiptología” directed by Antonio Morales. Thanks to this programme she improved her knowledge in ancient Egyptian culture. She has also taken several courses in funerary rituals and other aspects of the History of Ancient Egypt.

Actually, she is PhD student in Ancient History and Egyptology at the University of Alcalá (UAH), under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Morales. Carmen is strongly interested on the funerary rites and iconography found on the walls, chambers, and crypts of the mortuary complexes, including the particularly significant rites of mummification and the meaning of such a practice for the deceased in his postmortem experience.