Ana Jiménez AlmazánPhotography, video and 3DFreelance photographer


Freelance photographer specialized in documentary photography. Her experience covers social work at national and international level, mainly producing human-interest photographic reports since 2015 in different countries. Nationally, she has been working with people at high risk of exclusion, as well as issues of homelessness, social exclusion and social-gender violence.

Her training is based on studies related to art, but at a photographic level she was trained as a professional in a self-taught way thanks to the training received by colleagues and professionals found in the long stays, during seven years of travel through different countries of South America, Central America and Europe. In addition, she has continued her training in the field of documentary photography in workshops and courses at the city of Valencia. In 2018 she studied the Third International Postgraduate Program in scientific photography at the University of Alcalá. Since 2019, she is a professional member of the Spanish Professional Association of Scientific and Forensic Imaging.

Among the most outstanding works, Ana can highlights: i) "La route de Cassamance", a medium-length documentary on the influence of tourism in the south of Senegal, a Mexican-Spanish-Senegalese production, self-financed by the artists and exhibited in Barcelona in 2008; ii) the artistic production of EÑE, an artistic photographic work that addresses the Spanish crisis and was exhibited at the International Art Festival Nord-Art, (museum of modern art in Büdelsdorf, Germany) and in exhibition halls in Paris, 2015; iii) the artistic creation of the reportage I'm Katsikas, work on refugee theme in 2016-17 selected and exhibited in Бартcелона gallery at Month Photography Festival in Belgrade, Serbia; iv) photographic report on the abandonment of people and places in the Spanish economic crisis, AV PTO 31, obtaining the 3rd prize in the Carpetes Obertes Competition of the city of Valencia 2016, and finalist in the Beca Albarracín 2017 awards. This has also been selected for the Biennial Valencia ciutat vella in 2019-20, as well as for Docufest Madrid, 2019.