Sergio Alarcón RobledoArchaeologistHarvard University (USA)


Sergio Alarcón Robledo is doing his PhD in Egyptology at Harvard University. He studied Architecture in the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), an MPhil in Egyptology at the University of Cambridge, and an MA in Archaeology at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA. His main area of interest is in ancient Egyptian architecture, with a particular focus on Bronze Age temple and funerary structures in Egypt.

His field experience includes working with materials ranging from the Old kingdom to the Ptolemaic Period. Since 2012 he has been a member of the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission at the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, the German-Italian team working in Zawyet Sultan, the Spanish team working in Qubbet el-Hawa, and the Spanish team ‘Proyecto Djehuty’ in Dra Abu el-Naga. As a member of the Middle Kingdom Theban Project, he is studying architectural features of several Middle Kingdom tombs, and he has conducted –together with Kelly A. Accetta– the archaeological works of the tomb of Henenu (TT 313).