Reed Ivey HudsonRestorerStudio Art Colleges International in Florence


Reed Hudson is an American conservator who has worked on field projects in Italy, Greece, America and the United Kingdom. She has worked with various archaeological, ethnographic, and fine art collections, at institutions including the Vatican Museums, the Wallace Collection, and the Pitt Rivers Museum. She is currently the Senior Metals Conservator for Historic Environment Scotland, and a member of the Institute of Conservation Archaeology Committee, for which she is helping to edit the new edition of the First Aid for Finds handbook on archaeological conservation.

She obtained a BA in African Studies from Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts, US), with a focus on the cultures of the Sahel and Sahara regions. While pursuing a Post Baccalaureate degree in Art Conservation from Studio Art Colleges International in Florence she worked on finds from the Cetamura del Chianti excavation, as well as in situ wall paintings, paintings on wood and canvas, and polychrome wooden sculptures. She then obtained a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from Harvard University, with a focus on collections management.

Most recently she undertook the MA in Principles of Conservation at University College London (UCL), for which she led a research project to document Christopher Wren’s Great Model of St. Paul’s Cathedral through photogrammetry. She then completed the MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums at UCL, and worked with Cranfield Forensic Institute and the Engineering Science Department at Oxford University to investigate the replication of archaeological material through micro-CT scanning and 3D printing. She is trained in analytical techniques including X-ray fluorescence, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and multispectral imaging.

Reed joined the Middle Kingdom Theban Project in 2021 and has helped care for materials on site ranging from wall paintings and limestone inscriptions to cartonnage, ceramics, and papyrus.