Óscar Martínez CastroArchaeologistUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Óscar Martínez has recently completed his BA in History at the University of Alcalá (2013-2017) and is currently studying an MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management in the same university in Madrid. In his early education one must identify other certificates and diplomas for the study of SIG programs, Autocad, and further topographical tools.

Regarding his professional experience, he has participated in several archaeological excavations, and other projects for the interpretation, conservation, and management of various Madrid sites. Among his most important works, he emphasizes the conservation and management of the ceramics dating to the protocogota and cogota period in the site of La Serna, and the survey and conservation of the Medieval tombs in La Cabrera, in the northern highlands of Madrid.

In the international context, he has collaborated with the Middle Kingdom Theban Project (MKTP) in its fourth archaeological campaign in 2018 as a recipient of the UAH-MKTP fellowship to work at Deir el-Bahari. During his work in the site, he developed work with the management and study of the findings from the tomb of the vizier Ipi.

In 2018, he also collaborated with the Archaeological Site of Proença a Nova in Portugal, and continued his training in the Iron Age site of Castelo do Chao do Trigo. Aside of the fieldwork, Óscar is also working on the production of documentation reports for archaeological materials as well as the sieving, cleaning, drawing, and photography of materials. Regarding theoretical approaches, at this moment Óscar conducts some research on heritage interpretation for children, a matter that allows to test experimental archaeology techniques and new currents of interpretation in the field of museology. His goals are to continue specializing on heritage conservation and management.

Óscar Martínez was one of the recipients of the five fellowships offered by the MKTP and UAH in 2017 to students specialized on History, Humanities, Archaeology, or Architecture, and he is returning to the site of Deir el-Bahari this 2020.