Ernesto Echeverría ValienteArchitectUniversity of Alcala (Spain)


Ernesto Echeverría Valiente is Associate Professor in Design and Geometry at the Architecture degree of the School of Architecture (University of Alcala, Spain). He received his BA in Architecture from the University Politechnique of Madrid (Spain) in 1990. He obtained his PhD in Architecture at the University Politechnique of Madrid in 2005. Ernesto’s dissertation title is “The University campus of Alcala de Henares: analysis and evolution.” His main areas of interest include Heritage’s documentation and Conservation linked with Bioclimatic Architecture and Environmental sustainability. At moment occupy the charge of University of Alcala Department of Architecture Director.

He has participated in several projects linked with Heritage and Sostenibility as Architect and researcher of the University of Alcala. He has worked in Spain (El Escorial, Madrid, Cifuentes, Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara), and some places around the world: Brasil, Italy, Portugal, Chile, México, Guatemala, mainly focusing on heritage, conservation, documentation, and Environmental sustainability. He has participated in 2 patents, and more than 20 national and international researches projects which results have been published in peer-review journals and chapters of books (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, China, India).