Dina SerovaEpigrafistaHumboldt Universität Berlin (Alemania)


Dina Serova holds a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Cultural History of Northeast Africa from Humboldt University Berlin and a Master of Arts in Egyptology from Freie University Berlin. She is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at Humboldt University, as she writes her dissertation about “Nudity in ancient Egypt: A diachronic analysis on the basis of written and pictorial evidence” in which she explores how the human body and its exposure have been perceived in ancient and modern. Her main areas of interest are the theory and practice of archaeological research, ethnography, and linguistic studies.

Dina has participated in several field projects mainly in Sudan (Musawwarat es-Sufra, Meroe) as general assistant and epigrapher with the focus on the documentation of graffiti on site. Having worked as a student assistant at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften in the project “Strukturen und Transformationen des Wortschatzes der ägyptischen Sprache” in 2013−2014, and at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in 2015−2016, she gained a profound experience with the processing of hieroglyphic and hieratic texts, as well as archive and database related work.