Daniel Spinelli ArroyoArchitectUniversity of Alcala (Spain)


Daniel Spinelli holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Alcalá (2006) with a BA paper entitled "Urban Corridors: the case of the Henares Corridor as a territorial intervention". After working in several studios of architecture focused on small and medium sized projects, he spent a year in the University of the Republic in Uruguay (Montevideo). He is currently working on his Master thesis on Architecture at the University of Alcalá.

Because of his interest on the history, art, and architecture of ancient Egypt, he was selected as one of the recipients of the MKTP fellowship for Architecture School students at the University of Alcalá, supporting his participation in this fourth season of archaeological excavation in 2018. In this 2020 season, he will be working on the preparation of architectural plans and the study of the inner sections of the tomb of Henenu (TT 313).