Carlos Cepeda UtrillaArchaeologistUniversity of Alcalá (Spain)


Carlos Cepeda is a student of the master's degree in Archeology and Heritage Management in the interior of the peninsula. Currently, he only needs to complete the Master's Final Project in which he focuses on the fortifications of the celtiberian castros in the province of Guadalajara. Previously, he completed the BA degree in History at the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH), with a final degree project in which he concentrated on the study of archaeological plunderin activities in Spain.

Throughout the years in which he worked for his BA and MA, he has attended multiple courses, most of them focusing on or oriented toward archeology; an example would be a course for learning the use of GPS and its utilities, GIS courses for the realization of plans and maps as well as a topography course as later of AutoCAD.

So far, he has worked as an archaeologist at Complutum, in the excavation of one of the walls of the site and later classifying ceramics in one of the laboratories. This excavation was part of the master program practices. Previously, during the BA studies, he did some internships at the National Library Museum, as support and reinforcement for the museum's administrators as well as guided tours, both by the museum and by the Library. In addition, he has monitored and studyed surveys for guiding tours and supervised the management of temporary exhibitions at the museum.