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24 April, 2018
Finishing up with Henenu and stepping on the gas pedal
26 April, 2018

A view from Dagi´s tomb

Today was the last day of work of our specialist on Middle Kingdom ceramics, Kei Yamamoto. Together with Hazem, Kei has been working successfully on the analysis, drawing, and preparation of the mummification deposit jars from Ipi´s tomb. We will miss him very much! In the next days, several other members will initiate their return to their homes and institutions, to continue with their home lives but with much data and experience to work on the project during the year. While Mohamed continues working on the western sector of the middle courtyard of Ipi to try to define some issues about the wall in this area, Kelly has focused on the eastern sector where some mudbrick might have been left here because of a Middle Kingdom or more probably later structure.

On the same day, we have been working on the plan design and photography of the tombs of Djari and Dagi. In the case of Djari, there is still much work to be done in the nect years, mainly in relation to the architecture and security of the tomb since it presents some fractures that need to be considered and repaired. We have photographed only part of the scenes in this tomb, mainly because some of them are protected by wooden structures installed by the Service of Antiquities in the 60s, and we prefer to substitute them by modern structures in the next season, not now. As for the tomb of Dagi, the mortuary complex of the great vizier of Mentuhotep II is impressive in monumentality, remains, paintings, and the amount of historical information that for sure this monument will provide for us. Without any doubt, this complex will be one of the focus of work in the MKTP.

The TV producers of Windfalls have returned to the site to continue filming with our team. This time they were not so much interested on learning more about the project with our moudir but to film one of our most famous experts in the team, Salima Ikram, who discussed the process of mummification as well as the finding of the mummified heart of the vizier Ipi and the textiles from the mummification deposit.

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