Gates, walls, bricks, and gardens of the Middle Kingdom
23 April, 2018
A view from Dagi´s tomb
25 April, 2018

All fronts open

For the first time this season, the team has worked intensively on the five open fronts that the MKTP faces in the areas of Deir el-Bahari and Asasif. The fronts of the team include the tombs of Henenu and Ipi in the northern hills, the tomb E1 in the eastern sector of the same hills, the tomb of Djari in the lower section of Asasif, and the tomb of Dagi in the upper section of Asasif, almost at Qurna. These five sectors are very significant for our research interests because they represent the cemeteries disposed for various social and professional groups. In fact, a simple view to the tombs of Henenu (TT 313) and Dagi (TT 103), respectively a royal treasurer and a vizier under Mentuhotep II´s rule, reveals some distribution of the cemeteries. Both tombs, one in the northern hills and the other in Asasif, were the first ones to be built just in the limits of the construction of the royal complex. The position and relationship of both officials seem to indicate their contemporaneity and capacity as two of the most prestigious individuals in the court of Mentuhotep that could get buried in the nearby cemetery.

In the tombs of Henenu and Ipi, the excavations continue with good pace, although in the case of Henenu we are almost done this year. Probably, on Thursday or Friday we will “wrap up” with this tomb and will wait one more year to continue with our works in the middle and lower sections of Henenu´s courtyard. We might say that in spite the delay we have completed the plans for this year in both complexes, and next year we will have to continue down the hill where we think we will find the entrances into these complexes. On the other hand, we have finished with the cleaning of the entrance in the eastern tomb E1. The cleaning and protection of the entrance has been fulfilled without any problem. In addition, we have continued with our work in the area of Asasif, first with the study and protection of the mortuary garden of Djari, which we hope to complete in the next couple of days, and on the other with the installation of electricity in both tombs, Djari and Dagi, to continue with our study, documentation, photography, and conservation research on the two tombs. .

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