Reassessing the Middle Kingdom mortuary complexes
21 April, 2018
Gates, walls, bricks, and gardens of the Middle Kingdom
23 April, 2018

The god Ra gives us a break

Despite the fact that we have almost reached 38º C, today the weather gave us a deserved break: the team enjoyed a nice cold breeze that mitigated the effect of the rays of the sun god Ra, eldest of the gods.

As every morning, the drivers waited for us at the entrance of the Marsam hotel in order to take us to the site. At Deir el-Bahari, the funerary temples of Hatshepshut and Mentuhotep II welcomed us majestically. From the bottom of the hill, one can see in the distance the funerary complexes of the officials of the XI and XII Dynasties, just at the end of the steep slope of their courtyards at the top of the hill.

In the Eastern sector, the cleaning activities in the tomb E1 move forward smoothly. We expect to install a security door in the upcoming days. Today new members joined the works in this area. On the one hand, our architects Ernesto Echeverría and Flavio Celis started to draw some preliminary plans; on the other, our geologist Teresa Bardají spent the whole morning session analysing the geological structure of the Theban mountain in this particular sector. In the central sector, Kei Yamamoto and Hazem Shared focused on their work with the drawing of the embalming deposit jars. At the same time, in the photographic studio settled in the cultic chapel of Ipi’s tomb, our photographer tries to catch up with the pace of our ceramologists. Meantime, in the trench at Ipi´s complex, Mohamed Osman supervised the archaeological works.

In Henenu’s tomb, the structures discovered a few days ago in the courtyard seem to be promising, although they are still difficult to be interpreted. With the goal in mind of not skipping any data, Kelly Accetta makes an exhaustive documentation of all the archaeological process. Simultaneously, all the upcoming materials are registered and closely studied.

Indeed, we hope that Sia, the divinity that personified the intuition and capacity for taking right decisions for the future, will inspire our steps tomorrow to continue completing our objectives in the fieldwork.

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