Permissions received and the beginning of fieldwork
12 April, 2018
Day of hard work in Ipi, Henenu and with the TV producers
14 April, 2018

Ready, steady…

Today most of the MKTP members have focused on the plans, preparations, and nerves brought by the first day of real work in the site tomorrow and the awareness that we only have three weeks to fulfil much. Our meeting with the rais one day before was very important for deciding the schedule, group of workers, and the transfer of materials into the site in the first day. We believe that everything is ready for tomorrow at 6 AM. Most of members have passed this Friday between hours of planning and moments of relax. Some of us have even enjoyed a short walk outside the Marsam.

A group of MKTP members decided to visit the Monastery of Saint Tawdros, which is located behind the temple of Medinet Habu and Malqata. In this monastery, we have learned about the reuse of (inscribed) stone blocks from pharaonic Egypt as well as about Coptic art and culture. Our moudir, in the meantime, has been talking to one of the film producers that will visit our site this year to prepare a documentary about our excavations.

Our conservators, Rawda and Ahmed, have spent the afternoon preparing the chemical components to be used at the site with cartonage, painted reliefs, etc. This work seems to be easier here in our headquarters than in the site. In that way, we have the materials ready to be used at any time.

Tonight, around 2 AM, one of our epigraphers, Carlos Gracia, leaves us and returns to Glasgow. Unfortunately, he has not been able to work at the site but he has been working intensively in several inscriptions and has achieved much progress during his time with us. We will miss him.

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