Moudir in Cairo, fourth day of workshop and visit to the Ramesseum
10 April, 2018
Permissions received and the beginning of fieldwork
12 April, 2018

Balloon ride, RTI and permissions

Early this morning, Patri, Inma and Mohamed left the Hotel in order to make a hot air balloon trip with the aim of photographing, from the sky, the Theban tombs in our concession. Their SD cards came back brimming with astonishing images extremely useful for our study of the archaeological landscape of the area.

Even though the workshop officially ended yesterday, Mohamed Osman offered a seminar on RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) and its uses in the field of archaeology. Miriam and Ahmed also shared with the rest of the team their own experience using this technique in archaeological sites in Spain and with objects from Egyptian collections, respectively.

Our Headquarters in the Marsam Hotel has no rest: In the office upstairs our expert in ceramic, Kei Yamamoto discussed with Kelly Accetta the proper strategy for a more thorough documentations of the jars belonging to Ipi’s embalming cachette. On the other hand, downstairs, Carlos and Jónatan kept studying the inscriptions from Henenu’s stelae. Raúl and Rawda, have been working on the objects of Ipi, their storage and better ways of conservation.

In the courtyard of the hotel, each team head have gathered with the new members assigned to them –Sofía, Delaminet, Carmen, Óscar and Daniel–, to count up the materials to bring to the site and to solve last minute doubts. The University of Alcalá students, with their backpacks full of enthusiasm, will step on the site, given by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to our project, for the first time.

In the penultimate plane of the day, our Moudir Antonio travelled from Cairo to Luxor, and Patri and Raúl where there to pick him up. Without saying a word but with bright eyes and a smile, Antonio arrived to Luxor carrying the permissions in his suitcase.

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