The beginning of the end
28 April, 2017
Mummification deposit for a Middle Kingdom vizier discovered in Luxor
22 May, 2017

Next year… more!

Today has been the last day of the season. The members of the team which still remain in Egypt went to the site at 6.30. Unlike other days, there were only a few workers, and no archaeological activities could be undertaken. Instead, it has been a day of making order in the magazines, making sure that every find is in its proper place, and taking all the equipment back to the hotel, where it will be stored until the next year. Before closing the tombs, some last season photographs have been taken, which will serve as a record to remember every detail of the condition of the site in the planning of the next season.

All the materials and equipment were ordered and ready before the beginning of the closing ceremony. First in the funerary complex of Henenu, and then in TT315, the local authorities, together with our inspector and the chief of the guardians of the area, supervised the closing and sealing of the locks, which will guarantee that the tombs remain closed until our arrival in the next season.

After leaving the site, the team went back to the Marsam, where the magazine had to be properly organized. All the materials have been revised and noted in order to facilitate the organization of the next season. Finally, all the members had to pack their staff, preparing everything for the flights that tomorrow will take them to their places of origin. It is now time to go back home, and start working on the final reports. After a very intense and fruitful season, we all feel both tired and excited about starting the organization of the next year. We would like to thank here all of you who have followed our work. We look forward to continuing sharing our work through the website and the social media, where we will announce the events which will soon take place in relation to our work and our love to this country. All the best from Egypt, where we hope to come back in march 2018.

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