Lights, camera, and (archaeological) action!
24 April, 2017
The last arrangements…
26 April, 2017

Getting close to the end

After two days of exhausting high temperatures, the morning was pleasantly cool when we arrived at Deir el-Bahari at 6.30 in the morning. Both teams climbed up the hill and got ready for another day of work at the site. Teresa, our geologist, started the day walking on top of the mounting, analysing the geology of the landscape. After getting a good idea of the general configuration of the area, Teresa started the detailed study of the geological stratigraphy in which the funerary structure of Henenu is excavated. The survey of the geological layers started today from the lowermost shaft of the tomb, and will go on up to Henenu´s main entrance.

The archaeological works at the tomb of Henenu have focused today on the cleaning of the surface of the upper courtyard, in order to prepare it for the final documentation before the end of the season. After the cleaning was finished, Sergio took final photographs, and Flavio and Ernesto started the 3D scanning of the area, which they will finish tomorrow. Inside the tomb, our local worker Hussein has continued the cleaning of the lower parts of the tomb, where fragments of reliefs and small objects often appear. These objects are photographed in situ, classified, and stored for later studio photography, drawing and/or restoration if needed.

In the tomb of Ipi, archaeological works continue in the courtyard, where all the efforts are focused on the understanding of a stone-built structure which has appeared in its western side. Mohamed is documenting each stage of the excavation with photogrammetry, collecting as much data as possible before the end of the season for its later analysis and interpretation. At the end of the day, a series of reference points have been set in various areas of the tomb, in preparation for the 3D scanning of the structure which Flavio and Ernesto will undertake in the coming days.

One of the most difficult periods of every season is when the end approaches. All the members of the mission have to make sure that they collect all the information that they will need for the future publications. After the closing of the site, no more photographs or drawings can be taken. On these days the mudir Antonio makes sure that all the works are going as scheduled, and that all the surveying will be finished in due time for the elaboration of the preliminary reports. All this is not easy when you also have to deal with all the paperwork that the end of the season requires!

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