A busy day!
22 April, 2017
Lights, camera, and (archaeological) action!
24 April, 2017

From shaft to shaft

Today we worked in every front with maximum speed and intensity. We want to make sure the various units excavated will be closed by the end of the season. Besides, it is the last day of Kelly and Sebastian. Once they go it will be very difficult for us (mainly Sergio and Mohamed) to keep the intensive rythm we have undertaken in the last weeks.

In the tomb TT 313 Sergio continued with the documentation and photograph of the relief fragments while Kelly cleaned the bottom part of one of the shafts, where some bones and shabtis were found. One of the shafts was left for a couple of days later since its depth (8 m) does not allow work in it with certain safety. Outside, the western section of the façade where an opened shaft was found two years ago has revealed a new structure, although we still need sometime to clean it and identify its nature, use, and extension.

Meantime, in TT 315 Mohamed tried to complete his analysis of the structure uncovered a couple of weeks ago. For this purpose, he has extended his excavation with another archaeological square or trench to the south to see if he can determine the relationship of the structure with the wall of the complex. The lack of material culture in the area seems to show that the structure was left after his construction and the area was not so actively used after it. Meantime, in the haima, Ana and Antonio prepared a selection of objects for the next day, when a crue from Spanish Television will come to film in the site and might wish to have a look to some of our most interesting findings.

In the afternoon the team decided to cross the Nile and spend part of the evening in the temple of Luxor. Here we discussed the nature of the temple and the major sections of it. Afterwards, the whole team (with the exception of the moudir) went to a famous British pub to introduce some of our Egyptian friends into the world of fish&ships.

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