Henenu and Ipi under full sail
17 April, 2017
Happy Birthday Antonio!
19 April, 2017

Digging in the deep…

In the tomb of Henenu Kelly continued with the supervision of the ongoing excavations in three excavation units in the northwestern and northeastern corner of the courtyard. The upper courtyard has been cleaned so that the original Middle Kingdom bedrock and the ground level is now visible. However, when exposed, it is very fragile, so everyone has to watch his step. Sergio installed a polyurethane foam over the door gate to prevent bats and birds from getting in, which have been a problem for a long time. He also proceeded with the photographic documentation of small finds such as fragments from the decorated sarcophagus and stelae. Ana and Jónatan were registering and sorting incoming finds from the trenches after the sieving. Hazem continued with the drawing and documentation of selected relief pieces. Dina started a survey on graffiti in TT 313 and was able to identify several inscriptions in the courtyard and within the tomb. Although these graffiti are modern, they can help to reconstruct the visits and reuse of the tomb by tourists and local people in the last century.

Apart from this, we have noticed that there seems to be a small competition going on between our workers. Three of the workmen tend to walk around in the courtyard a little bit longer after they have delivered full buckets coming from the trenches to the sieving area located down the hill. They are eager to find decorated relief pieces which are scattered all over the area. Finding more and more pieces means to have a better chance to reconstruct the movable equipment (such as stelae, shrines, and sarcophagi) primarily produced for the tomb, and they are willing to help with these findings.

Meanwhile, in the tomb of Ipi Mohamed continued with the excavation and photogrammetry of the northwestern unit. Sebastian finished the cleaning of the tomb of Meseh, while Raúl continued with the reorganization of the storage for the previous and current findings. Also, Ali conducted first aid conservatory treatment to the painted cartonnage pieces offered by Raúl to him.

The work in the morning has been interrupted, however, by an upcoming unique event: the opening and presentation of a recently discovered New Kingdom tomb in Dra Abu el’Naga (TT 153), which has been excavated by an Egyptian archaeological mission in Luxor. The Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany himself, and many other important authorities were participating. Our team was invited to the ceremony and we had the opportunity to attend this happening and catch a glance at the 1000 unearthed shabtis and other fantastic finds.

In the evening the team members went to the celebratory unveiling of a restored monumental royal statue at the first pylon of the Luxor temple at the East bank. After this everyone went for a nice meal and a cool drink with the team colleagues (and our inspector) to a famous restaurante near the train station.

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