Day of hard work in Ipi, Henenu and with the TV producers
14 April, 2018
Both courtyards are all about action
16 April, 2018

Discoveries in both courtyards and filming at full speed

Following with the intensive work of this week, at 6:30 AM we have initiated another day in the site with the goal to speed up the excavations in the middle area of both courtyards in the complexes of Henenu and Ipi. In particular, Mohamed has opened a new square in the courtyard of Ipi, where some mixed materials from various periods have been found, including some Middle Kingdom objects on which we will focus in the next days. In the excavations at the courtyard of Henenu (TT 313), Kelly has found some mudbricks that could proceed from a subordinate structure in the area.


Kei and Hazem have continued with the analysis of the jars from the mummification deposit. The pace of work has been more intense than yesterday, mainly because the two haimas have been finally installed, new tables and chairs have been brought, and now everyone has more space for working therein. Besides, the inspector can now have his own working space, which is good for discussing with him some questions associated with the excavation, working with the computer to show him new discoveries, and bringing objects to be examined on his table. Inside the tomb, Raúl has continued with the study of specific materials that will be examined by Salima Ikram, who will come next week. Dina and Rawda, together with the moudir, have continued discussing the work on the sarcophagus, including matters referring to the works of conservation and epigraphy. Now that we have only two weeks, we must be pragmatic and finish only the kind of work necessary for the rest of the year. In the complex of Henenu, Lisa has helped Kelly to incorporate a series of points into the archaeological net to make sure that they can really excavate the new squares as soon as possible.


Besides, today we have had an intensive day of work with the British TV producers of Windfalls, whose crew has been filming in all the sectors and areas of the complexes of Henenu and Ipi. The presence of the cameramen, producers and experts on drons (used to get videos and photos of the site and the team) has been exciting, though it also implied some modification of the plan for the day.


Regarding the rest of the team, as a few members have not yet received the security clearance, they decided to visit the Valley of the Kings together with Sebastian, who has explained the importance of the site and its monuments, even if this royal necropolis did not originate until some centuries after the period of our interest, the Middle Kingdom.


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