Ready, steady…
13 April, 2018
Discoveries in both courtyards and filming at full speed
15 April, 2018

Day of hard work in Ipi, Henenu and with the TV producers

At 5:30 AM we got our breakfast at the Marsam. Half an hour later, we were ready at the hostal entrance, waiting for the two vans that would transport our materials and take us to the site. Today, it has been a special day, although only in part. On the one hand, the MKTP members that could work in the site were anxious and willing to arrive there. On the other, half of the team has not yet received the security clearance and cannot work in the site. While the team members with permissions went to the Theban tombs of the concession, the other group crossed the Nile and went to see some of the most interesting objects of the Middle Kingdom collection at the Luxor Museum and to visit the Mummification Museum. Later they went to purchase some tools and materials for the excavation work that, insha’allah (“God willing”), they will be able to conduct in the next days.


The arrival to a site and the initiation of excavations in Egypt always follow a peaceful pace. Today, we started with access to both tombs and the revision of materials, tools, and the storage where the findings from previous years are safe. In addition, we have received the visit of a worker who is going to produce the metal structures for our haimas or tents. Considering that the temperatures are actually very high here in the desert sector of the Theban mountain, it seems necessary to have the haimas ready for tomorrow, we hope. In the mortuary complex of Ipi (TT 315), Kei and Hazem have been working on the study, drawing, and photography of the jars from the mummification deposit found last year. Raúl and Rawda have worked on the revision of all our stored findings. Meantime, in the mortuary complex of Henenu, Kelly, Mohamed, and Dina have prepared with the total station the new areas to be excavated. Particularly, this season we are going to work on the middle section of the courtyards of Ipi and Henenu, aiming at going down the hill around 15-20 meters. In both cases, we know that there are some interesting structures waiting for us to be excavated in the next couple of weeks.


Besides, today we have received the visits –at different moments in the morning– of the two channel producers that are going to film in the site. On the one hand, we got the team of Clementine Mortelman and Davina Bristow, who work for Blakeway and are going to film a couple of documentaries with the participation of Tony Robinson, the famous British introducer associated with Archaeology and Ancient History programs. Later, the moudir received the visit of another team, led by Michaela Moir from Windfalls, which will be filming for another program. Let´s hope that the filming will get well and we can work simultaneously on the excavation of the two courtyards in the complexes of Ipi and Henenu.


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