Getting close to the end
25 April, 2017
The MKTP family…
27 April, 2017

The last arrangements…

As the end of the season approaches, the last archaeological works are undertaken before closing the site, which will take place on Saturday. The visit of some authorities of the Ministry of State for Antiquities is recurrent in these days, as they also want to make sure that all the last steps of the season are being done according to the permissions and official procedures. Today, we had the kind visit of Mr. Ezz, Manager Director of the Inspectors at Deir el-Bahari, who saw the most relevant finds of the season and ensured that all of them are stored properly until the next season.

Early in the morning Ernesto and Flavio have finished the 3D documentation of the tomb of Henenu, documenting both the courtyard and the entrance of the tomb. Afterwards, they continued with the documentation of Ipi´s funerary structure, which still needs to be continued tomorrow morning. Ana, holder of the scholarship offered by Gaselec Foundation, is these days in charge of classifying and registering the objects found in the last days of the excavation.

The archaeological works in Henenu have continued in the courtyard, analysing the archaeological data obtained from a shaft structure which has been found in its north-western corner. According to a preliminary analysis of the material found at the current state of the excavation, this area was open in the late 50s, what means that this shaft was most likely know by Winlock when he undertook excavations in the area in the 1920s.

After finishing the work at the site, part of our team went to Karnak. Antonio, our moudir, was there interviewed by the Spanish National television TVE, while other members of the mission visited this astonishing monument of the Eastern Bank of the river. Meanwhile, Sergio has stayed at the hotel preparing part of the preliminary report, which will be handled to the Egyptian authorities before the end of the season.

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