Shifting (partially) our team!
20 April, 2017
A busy day!
22 April, 2017

Getting ready for the last week of work

Today at 4 AM our moudir and Mohamed Osman accompanied our three members leaving the mission to the Luxor Airport. They have enjoyed a lot and their work has been substantial and important for the progress of the team. In the next months they will work on their respective materials to get the best possible interpretations, understanding, and solutions to some of the most important riddles found in the site. At our return the balloons for the tours around the sites of the West Bank, Luxor and Karnak, already initated their daily routine with the initial launching from the nearby area to the Ramesseum.

In the afternoon the team members have been preparing for the next days of hard work. Organizing work, preparing plans of action, considering the important visits that we will have in the next days (Gaselec Foundation President, TVE, EFE Agengy, El Mundo newspaper, IFAO visitors), and trying to come up with the best plan for completing our work in the next seven days. We have also enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, recovering energy, spending some time calling our families and friends, navigating through the news of these days (our digging diary, the opening of the tomb of Userhat by the Minister of Antiquities, the inauguration of the recently restored statue of Ramses II in the temple of Luxor, etc.). It has been a day for relaxing and for preparing ourselves for a very intensive week to come.

In the meantime, the three new members of the mission, scholars from the UAH (Teresa, Flavio, and Ernesto), took a plane in Madrid to travel to Luxor via Cairo. We hope that their permissions to work with a 3D scanner issued by the Ministry of Antiquities allowed them to enter the country and develop their work without much trouble. The 3D reconstruction planned for the tombs of Ipi and Henenu will imply an improvement in the production of plans, the reconstruction in 3D of the various spaces in both tombs, and the possibility to study the architecture, construction, and materials without being in-situ all the time. Ernesto and Flavio are ready for this type of work, have much experience, and we hope they enjoy a lot doing it for first time in Egypt. As for Teresa, we hope our geologist will teach us much about the geomorphology of the hills in Deir el-Bahari and some of the reasons for the construction of these tombs in particular layers of the mountain.

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