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14 April, 2017
Happy Easter!
16 April, 2017

Full (s)team ahead!

Today was the first sunny day after the hot and humid weather of the last days! Unfortunately, the wind blew away (again) our haima in front of TT 313 and it had to be set up again by our workers before everything else could get started. While we were assembling our haima, a group of soldiers coming from the upper section of the mountains –where an observation post of the army is located– surprised us. As soon as our inspector Kasim opened the tomb, Hazem started to work on his drawings, mainly of very interesting decorated relief pieces, and Jónatan –with the help of Ana– continued the recording and documentation of incoming finds from the trenches in the northeastern and western corners of the courtyard. Dina also found a workspace for her computer and continued with the encoding of the hieroglyphs of the eastern inner wall of the sarcophagus of Ipi from photos shot by Mohamed in the previous days. Outside the tomb, Kelly supervised the ongoing excavations while Sergio spent some time drawing the recent soil layer and its structures in the northeast. In the haima and with the help of Antonio, Sebastian continued taking photos of the special finds unearthed during this field season.

Meanwhile, in TT 315, Mohamed continued working in the northwestern corner of the courtyard, an area that revealed interesting features regarding the wall and presented a pile of stones which will be carefully examined in the next days. Our conservator Mohamed Hussein was, meantime, taking care of an ancient basket found in this excavation unit. He applied a special treatment to this fragile object and succeeded in consolidating and storing it securely. Rawda also applied some conservational treatments to cartonnage fragments from the previous seasons and the findings of the last couple of days. As everyday Raúl continued his work with the most recent finds by sorting, classifying, and recording everything. During the day, our moudir examined the recently discovered structures in order to plan the best strategy and work with them in the next days. These structures are very promising, we think!

We had a guest of honour today: again Dr. Ezz Er-Din el-Nobi has shown up in our site to discuss the latest discoveries in the tomb of Ipi. Apart from this, the moudir received a call from a journalist from the Spanish radio program COPE, who wanted to know more about our progress and offer us the opportunity to explain what we do in an online interview at the end of this month. It seems that our website has raised the interest of many people who follow our progress in Deir el-Bahari with much attention. Thank you for reading about us!

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