Recording after the dig!
13 April, 2017
Full (s)team ahead!
15 April, 2017

Siesta, monuments and fiesta

What do Egyptologists enjoy the most on their free day in Luxor? The answer is clear: exploring the Theban area! After we got a late breakfast part of our team went to Deir el-Medina, the ancient village of the workers who built and decorated the tombs of the kings and queens in New Kingdom Egypt. This group also visited the tombs TT 335, TT 339 and TT 218-220! It is a pity that photography is forbidden in these chambers since they show a variety of colourful scenes and motifs from ancient Egyptian life and death. However, we all understand that it is for the benefit of the preservation of the heritage.

After having returned to the Marsam hotel and having eaten lunch the group continued its trip to the East Bank of Luxor where the team members visited the temples of Karnak and Luxor. The illumination of the Luxor temple after sunset left a great impression on the team members. It felt like wandering about in a place full of magic, mysteries, and secrets, like if the lights and the atmosphere catched a glimpse of the past. After the visit to the Luxor temple, everyone met in a nice Italian restaurant to share thoughts, stories, laughs, and a little of wine.

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