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12 April, 2017
Siesta, monuments and fiesta
14 April, 2017

Recording after the dig!

Today Henenu´s tomb continued in the three excavation units opened until now. Sergio and Ana established some nails and started to clean a new area in the lower courtyard, while Kelly’s team was in charge of the other opened areas in the facade section of the tomb. Jónatan and Hazem continued with the documentation and drawing of the decorated reliefs and the sarcophagus fragments found scattered in the various chambers of the tomb of Henenu. Raúl and Sebastian also proceeded to take detailed pictures of some of the objects and findings of this season. Having set up previously a temporary photography lab at the end of the corridor in TT 313, they initiated the arrangement of textiles, natron bags, jar stoppers, and limestone fragments.

In the haima of TT 315 Dina continued with the reading of the texts written on the inner sides of the sarcophagus of Ipi. As mentioned previously, the decipherment of the cursive hieroglyphs has been eased by the detailed documentation and photography provided by our archaeologist Mohamed and the conservation work undertaken by Mohamed Hussein. By using infrared methods, both have succeeded on bringing to light new hieroglyphs.

Today was also payment day. As every end of the week, rais Ali, Antonio, and Jónatan proceeded to the distribution of the salaries for the workers and discussed the performance, problems, and aspects that could be improved for the following week.

After lunch, some of our team members visited some of the well known New Kingdom tombs in the Theban area at Qurna. These were the tombs of Rekhmire (TT 100) and Ramose (TT 55), which have very impressive and yet different architectural and decorative programs. That was a great start of the weekend!

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