A Foggy Day (in Luxor town)
9 April, 2017
Breaking Bad
11 April, 2017

A sad day…

The visit of the Spanish journalist Alicia Arena (from journal ABC) was planned for yesterday and today. However due to the sad events striking Cairo and Alexandria, she had to leave Luxor immediately and did not have the possibility to complete her visit and interviews with the team members. Indeed, these recent terrorist attacks became an important conversation topic during our breakfast as everyone had the urge to share his feelings of compassion with the victims and their beloved ones.

Besides, both excavation sites were visited today by several inspectors of the area who showed a deep interest in the progress of the Middle Kingdom Theban Project, and enjoyed observing the different processes conducted by our team members.

Today’s guest of honour was Salima Ikram (again), who came to work to the tomb of Ipi for one single day. She analysed the embalming material and natron packages unearthed during the last field season. One of the main objects of interest was a piece of the human body covered in natron and textile which might have been the heart of the tomb owner himself. However, this find needs further examination before further interpretations can be made. Meanwhile, in the western courtyard of Ipi’s tomb excavation continues and new layers have been discovered. These layers provided several interesting findings such as a pottery model assigned to the Middle Kingdom and a model scraper made of copper.

At the same time in TT 313, Kelly and Sergio started a new trench in the lower courtyard. Together with the northwestern and the northeastern corners of the courtyard, there are now altogether three different excavation units in the complex. Therefore, the group of the local workmen was subdivided in three, so that the findings and the sieving of the debris had to be done separately. More interesting finds are expected in the next days!

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