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4 April, 2017
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6 April, 2017

Work at Henenu´s tomb is about to start!

Today our local workers started by cleaning the section of the façade above the entrance of the tomb of Henenu (TT 313). This assignment was not just a request to make the façade look like beautiful but also to prevent small rocks and sand from falling into the excavation area, which finally has been settled.

In the north-eastern corner of Henenu’s courtyard the digging is therefore about to begin: the measurement points have been fixed, the tent was set, the tools piled up, and the workers ready to begin. To refresh our knowledge, Sergio and Kelly gave a short introduction to the team members about the handling of the surveyor’s optical level so they can assist taking measurements at any time.

Meantime, Jónatan recorded several painted and decorated fragments from a sarcophagus, presumably belonging to the tomb owner himself. These fragments were found scattered in a side chamber within the tomb.

Meanwhile in Ipi´s courtyard the excavation works directed by Mohamed have revealed new structures and some stone fragments following a pattern. They were conveniently drawn and photographed using a telescopic boom. Finds from this trench were analysed and documented by Raúl and Ana in the haima. As we were going deeper in the ground, modern materials such as newspaper fragments and cigarettes appeared, the highlights being an arrow-shaped metallic implement, a mummified baby foot, wheel-made ceramics, shabtis, bandages and colourful cartonnage pieces. Apart from this, the mummy wrappings unearthed in the last field season needed further analysis and categorization.

The conservator team consisting of Rawda and Mohamed continued successfully with the cleaning of the sarcophagus in the burial chamber of Ipi. Several hieroglyphic signs that were hidden under a layer of soot and dirt have been revealed. These await translation and epigraphic documentation. In the meantime, the conservators started first aid treatment of especially primary endangered objects such as cartonnage pieces that show, for instance, a representation of the Osirian crown.

Besides, today the team has received the visit of Dr. Adel Rageg, Manager of the Missions at the West Bank, with whom the moudir has been discussing the progress of the season. He has visited the various fronts of the excavations work in the tomb of Ipi and was very attentive to every explanation of the duties in the courtyard and the inner chamber of the sarcophagus.

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